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Interview for the Let’s Talk About Animals TV Show

$3,500) 30 Minute Video Interviews with Host, Jewel Morris


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Your Brochure/Sample Product Included in our Pet Goody Bags

$100) PetFest Goody Bag Addition



Pet Hero Awards Sponsorship Opportunities

$2,500) Pet Humanitarian Award Sponsor

$2,500) Pet Rescue Organization Award Sponsor

$2,500) Outstanding Shelter Award Sponsor

$2,500) Pet Philanthropist Award Sponsor

$2,500) Outstanding Veterinarian Award Sponsor

$2,500) Outstanding Volunteer Award Sponsor

$2,500) Outstanding Administrator Award Sponsor
2,500) Outstanding Junior Award Sponsor
$2,500) Amazing Hands On Award Sponsor
2,500) Amazing Pet Award Sponsor
$2,500) Amazing Artist  Award Sponsor


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Sponsor a Pet Hero Award with the Pet Philanthropy Circle

Sponsoring and Award gives you the opportunity to be recognized at the Pet Hero Awards Ceremony, be featured as a Pet Philanthropy Circle Benefactor and includes you in the Pet Resource Book ~ PetFest & Pet Philanthropy Circle Program Journal.


Pet Resource Book ~ PetFest & Pet Philanthropy Circle Program Journal Ads

Your advertisement includes website recognition. The Pet Resource Book serves as a year-round directory for pet services, it also includes the schedule for PetFest activities and is the Program Journal for the annual Pet Philanthropy Circle's Pet Hero Awards. 5000 copies are distributed throughout the Hamptons and beyond. Pet businesses, services, veterinarians, 24 hour emergency vet facilities, pet sitters, and numerous other categories are included for easy reference. View the Pet Resource Book. From a directory listing with your telephone number to a full color page, we have ad space just right for any budget. Make sure your business is listed in the Pet Resource Book. Limited space is available so Reserve Your Space Today!

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Exhibition Space Available

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Color Ads
$50) Bolded Directory Listing



$250) Color 1/8th Page Ad (3.875” x 2.5625”)



$500) Color 1/4th Page (3.875” x 5.125”)



$1,000) Color Half Page (8” x 5.125”)



$2,000) Color Full Page (8” x 10.5”)



$5,000) Color Inside Back Cover (8” x 10.5”)



$5,000) Color Inside Front Cover (8” x 10.5”)



$10,000) Color Back Cover (8” x 10.5”)

Black & White Ads

$25) Directory Listing



$125) Black & White 1/8th Page Ad (3.875” x 2.5625”)



$250) Black & White 1/4th Page (3.875” x 5.125”)



$500) Black & White Half Page (8” x 5.125”)



$1,000) Black & White Full Page (8” x 10.5”)