About Us

PetFest's Mission

Our mission is to prolong and enhance the quality of animal lives by educating our communities about animal concerns and to raise funds for animal related causes and organizations.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!


PetFest's Objectives

  1) Improve public awareness of pet related causes

  2) Inspire and reward volunteers, organizations


  3) Acknowledge, and financially reward organizations dedicated to the enhancement of animal welfare

  4) Promote the adoption of pets from rescue organizations and shelters

  5) Assist rescue and shelter groups in fundraising

  6) Notify our affiliates about pet health, safety and distressed animal conditions with email newsletters

  7) Promote higher standards of excellence in existing shelters

  8) Develop corporate support for non-profit organizations by providing public relations opportunities.

  9) Promote volunteer participation and membership for our alliance affiliates

10) Provide an opportunity for knowledgeable guest speakers to share their expertise with our community

11) Facilitate interaction, discussion, and planning among academic, individual, governmental, and commercial entities to find solutions for animal concerns


The PetFest Committee Members


Our Founders

Jewel Morris is currently the Host of the Let’s Talk About Animals TV Show that promotes animal welfare causes. Jewel is also a Co-Founder, of the Pet Philanthropy Circle that sponsors the Pet Hero Awards and Founding President of PetFest.  When asked why she decided another animal related organization was necessary, Jewel replies, “It’s all about animals – yours, ours, and everyone else’s.  When it comes to animal welfare, we must be joined with a collaborative spirit.  All life is precious.  Our goal is to encourage others to consider themselves PetFest rather than owners, fostering responsibility for our pets’ care beyond our own lifetimes.  We owe it to the earth’s well-being to protect and provide for animals, especially those we have trained to depend on human emotional and physical support – that’s right, our companion pets.  We have a sacred trust to protect and help them.” Formerly, she was the Co-Host of the internationally recognized EastMinster Pet Radio Show and initiated the First EastMinster Pet Parade held in Carmel, California.


Robert Morris is a lifelong animal advocate and pet philanthropist.


Our Chair


Chair of the Pet Gift Bags Committee

Anna Benson


Art Gallery Curator

Joan Kraisky


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